Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall 2011

Christian Louboutin Fall 2010/11 campaign is just breathtakingly beautiful. What a great way to exhibit and advertise fashion footwear! Without featuring even one model for its latest footwear campaign, Christian Louboutin footwear Campaign Fall 2010/11 looks eye catchy.

christian louboutin fall 2011 ad
christian louboutin 2011 campaign

Directed by Khuong Nguyen, Christian Louboutin Fall 2010 campaign is photographed in fantastic way. This very stylish and different ad campaign is adding to beauty of Christian Louboutin Footwear.

christian louboutin fall 2011 campaign
christian louboutin Fall 2010 Campaign

Christian Louboutin 2010/2011 Ad Campaign is based on Alice in Wonderland theme. Just like Alice in Woderland jewelry, this campaign based on Alice in Woderland theme looks fantastical.

christian louboutin footwear
christian louboutin red sole shoes

Along with fall 2010 shoes, white rabbit, colorful butterflies, underwater castle, white mice are presented making it a must see ad campaign.

christian louboutin shoes
christian louboutin winter 2010 Campaign

Artistic pictures for 2010-2011 Louboutin Winter Collection is photographed by Peter Lippman that also features Christian Louboutin red sole shoes which is its trademark.

We're yet to fully appreciate 2011's fashion trends and we haven't even passed through the coldest days that winter will have to offer but, despite this, in a few months the Autumn / Fall 2011 catwalk showings will hit the likes of New York and Paris ahead of their release into stores in late 2011. Thus many of the world's trend forecasters have long had available their takes on the trends we'll be wearing when the season hits. Most of these are in the form of industry only guides, though today we can take a look into the crystal ball and get a sneak peak at the season's colour trends

These particular colour trends come from Design Options, a trend forecasting company from Southern California. As such they're heavily influenced by the area, and it won't be until closer to the season that can provide you with a look at some of the year's global colour trends. As Design Options see it, autumn (fall) / winter 2011 will have six distinctive colour trends: Avant-garde and prevailing chic. Bronze tones of state of the art style flirt endlessly with bold confidence. Olive yarns mixed with shades of pale goldenrod give knits an alluring appeal

Urban Romance
A tale of metropolitan melodrama. Midnight blue and silver, grey shades of cultural diversity and cosmopolitan give textured stitching equilibrium and charm. Memoirs of city nostalgia.

Beyond the limits of darkness. Mysterious shades of forest green and plum amplify sequined edges and ruffled chiffon. Deep violet shades of exuberance ring a call of precision to manipulated, silken yarn. Silver finishes give luxuriant motifs added ingenuity.

The pursuit of extravagant ornamentation. Luscious shades of hot pink intertwine majestically within bastiste and silken silhouettes. Burnt orange tones of superfluity fuse methodically on a canvas of raschel knit.

Moonstruck Spellbound and romantically sensual. Greenish yellow tones of nostalgia fuse rhythmically with bold saturations of aquamarine and dark sienna. Copper flecks of bedazzled resonate with splendid vivacity amidst soft patterns of royal blue velvet.

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